The world demands a different way of doing things. The values of our brand, Alva Yachts, are based on it.


Taking care of the planet, respecting the environment and the footprint that Alva Yachts will leave on earth is important for us. For this reason, we started building super efficient and respectful luxury yachts. Something that, on the other hand, the market has been demanding for a long time.

“Thanks to our current position as pioneers of e-yachting, we are determined to guide luxury markets towards sustainability,” says Mathias May, founder and director of Alva Yachts.

The design and development of the yachts is carried out by the renowned design office HENNDESIGN. Its owner Mr. Holger Henn is also co-founder of ALVA YACHTS.

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Solar Roof System

At Alva Yachts we renounced the old sailing cliches to create a modern design for the new generation of E-Yachting.

Our yachts are equipped with the most advanced solar-assisted propulsion systems on the market, which significantly reduces the emissions footprint.

The Solar Roof System of our yachts is one of the best examples of our commitment to efficient and respectful navigation. Using a completely new manufacturing process, the solar modules adapt perfectly to the shape of the yacht.

An innovation that can be used in many different ways and breaks through previous limits by opening up completely new application possibilities.

Thanks to our relationship and connection with Fisher Panda and Volkswagen we have a solid foundation to advance our sustainability goals.

From ALVA YACHTS we will work tirelessly to accelerate the change towards electric and clean navigation.

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We are also focussed on the circularity of the batteries of electric navigation is. At Alva Yachts we are committed to guiding the industry towards minimizing their environmental impact since this is an important aspect to take into account to be truly respectful of the environment.

Silent Cruising

Numerous studies have linked noise pollution in the oceans with stress and problems with the orientation of ocean fauna. With the latest generation electric propulsion systems for our boats, we can reduce noise pollution and start sailing in a relaxed way.

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By combining our efforts to create the minimum impact both in the production process and in the manufacturing or waste process with using the latest technology and advances in driving, we will be able to bring navigation to a new era of energy efficiency.

At Alva Yachts we will help to transform the yacht retail industry by creating endless sustainable opportunities.

“Alva Yachts is determined to improve the society in which we live. We are on a journey towards the sustainable and avant-garde. We are in a constant fight for new, greener technology that improves the performance of our yachts.” Mathias May– Founder & Managing Director of Alva Yachts.

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Hydrogen-Powered Yachts

Thanks to our partnership with EODev we have implemented into Alva Yachts vessels hydrogen powered fuel cell technology. The 70kW REXH2® range extender will be integrated by Seco Marine.

The first unit to be equipped with the EODev’s REXH2® is the latest 90′ Ocean Eco Explorer. It will incorporate Ayro’s Oceanwings ® wind propulsion system and EODev’s REXH2®, two major innovations to increase substantially its autonomy.

The Ocean Eco Explorer 90′ will only require 60KW of energy to be propelled at 7.5 knots, without taking into account the power delivered by its Ayro’s Oceanwings® rigid sail.

Any excess solar power production is used to recharge the batteries, for a total of 420 kWh in 12 batteries; but even then there may be times when there is no sun and th batteries have been discharged. It is in this instance that the reserves of hydrogen will come into play: with its 24 type 4 composite tanks that contain 200kg of hydrogen compressed at 350 bars. It makes that the Ocean Eco Explorer 90′ will benefit from more than 300 hours of full hotel load an low power propulsion needs from its hydrogen supply.

The delivery of this first unit is expected to take place in Spring 2024 for an Spanish based client who want to emphasize, with this great investment, that it is possible to sail safely, sustainably, with a completely clean system for the environment and with a high level of comfort.

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Delighted to have had this charter experience. The treatment received was excellent, both by the company and the captain of the boat. We will repeat for sure!

Victoria G.

Exceptional service from the very first minute. We had an amazing day, specially the kids with the seabob! Can’t wait to come back this year

Raki S.

After several days in Ibiza, my partner and I decided to visit Formentera and what a good decision! We really enjoyed the boat and the trip to the island. They also recommended us a restaurant and made the reservation themselves and we had a wonderful day! Many thanks to Pina and the whole team for their help and attention.

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We had a wonderful day. The captain was such a lovely guy. I was really impressed with your service and will get my team to recommend your company. Thanks a lot

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So nice meet you , I hope see you soon in the future! We had a great day from midday to sunset! Whenever you are in the UK let me know. You will be welcomed, with the same hospitality that you have had with us.

Ludovico B.